Feb 21st Phone Verification Required for All New Accounts

Over the years, we've been pretty lax on our signup restrictions. Many of our users and potential customers appreciate this because of how easy it makes the signup process and using our service in general. As you probably already know, we're all for making things as easy as possible!So, to combat the ever-growing amount of spam and fraudulent ... Read More »

Jan 30th More Free Hosting Options!

Everyone loves something for free. Well, we've decided to take it up a notch!After a ton of great feedback about our service, and many requests from our customers... we've decided to begin offering FREE game servers and VPS servers!!Now, with NoCostWebHost credits you can get a free game server for you and your friends, a free VPS server for your ... Read More »

Apr 26th New order verification methods

With the many thousands of customer signups we've seen over the years running this service, we've experienced an extremely large volume of fraud signups and fake users trying to abuse our services. To combat this trend of abuse on our free services, we are now requiring ALL signups verify their accounts by one of the 3 ways below:1) An optional $1 ... Read More »

Apr 26th Record amount of signups!

Since relaunching our service this year, we've had thousands of new customers flocking to our free service! With the highest quality free cPanel hosting on the web, we're happy that our service is making so many webmasters happy with their online experience.If you haven't already, sign up for some free web hosting and experience the difference. Read More »

Nov 24th *.NoCostWebHost.com Subdomains Available!

Now you can signup for free web hosting without having to have a private domain name. Use our branded NoCostWebHost.com subdomain for free!

With any order, you can choose the option of using YOURSITE.nocostwebhost.com and save yourself time and money.

Web hosting is now fun, exciting, and most importantly has NO COST!

Nov 20th Free Web Hosting from NoCostWebHost.com!

We've given away over 100 terabytes of bandwidth over the past 3 years with our free web hosting plans.

During this time, we've established a reputation for having THE BEST free web hosting available online today.

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Nov 5th More Servers have been added to the network!

We're back with a new overhaul of the NoCost network!!

Expect more of the same great service you've come to love, for the same great price that EVERYONE loves! Free!

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